bugWar 1.0 released!

9 out of 10 vegetarians loved this game… We squashed the other one…

Go ahead. Squash the spiders. No gooey bug parts to deal with when you eliminate the little buggers. Look and listen for the satisfying splat. Watch the moving bar squeeze out your opponent as you squash faster and more effectively. This is a great game to distract yourself or entertain restless children. No one to play with? You can play against yourself too!

MyTip 2.4 upgrade

Support for iOS 4 added.

MyTip v2.01 submited

v2.01 of MyTip has been submitted to Apple for approval. It is a major upgrade in that new in-app email is included!!

CafePress affiliated

MechDog Gear will now be printed and distributed by CafePress. I have been very impressed with their speed and quality. They truly excel at having a very fair price for us low quantity orderers to allow for more choices for our customers...

First video for MyTip Created

Still some polishing left but the first video of the app in use available HERE now!!

MyTip v.1.11 Approved for sale and upgrade

MyTip v1.11 Under Review

v1.11 Apple being reviewed by Apple for upgrade